BetChain was one of the first online Bitcoin casinos, established in early 2014. The company saw a big gap in the (very small) market for a Bitcoin casino that actually looked good and functioned well. I was made head of design for this project and created the site from the ground up.

Client: BetChain
my Roles:  Logo ● Branding ● Web design ● marketing materials


I was given the name “BetChain” to start creating a logo for.
We were going for a very sleek, modern and luxurious look, trying to stand apart from a sea of very dull looks.

In the end, a wordmark logo was chosen.
The colors chosen were a golden yellow and a dark blue. We felt these colors portrayed luxury and had a vegas-vibe.

The website

I created a few site mockups before one was chosen upon.
Through the years the site evolved to be more user friendly and to enable faster gameplay.

The results

The feedback we received from players and reviewers was that the look and feel of the site was fantastic! Many players preferred to play at BetChain because the look gave off a sense of credibility and allowed them to trust us. The player base grew and so did the site, adding hundreds of more games.

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