CryptoTraffic is a Bitcoin affiliate network established in 2015. Affiliate marketers can come to this “one stop shop” to sign up to multiple affiliate programs all dealing with Bitcoin. Any business that accepts Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and has an affiliate program can join the network. 

Client: CryptoTraffic
my Roles:  Logo ● Branding ● Website ● marketing materials

The Process

We started out by thinking of a name for the brand. After compiling a list of words that described Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and networks, we headed onto GoDaddy to find a name that was both catchy and available. We toyed with the idea of using a .io extension since a lot of companies were doing it, especially in the Bitcoin industry. In the end we decided on sticking with .com since you just can’t go wrong with it and so we wouldn't have to include the .io in the design of the logo.

Logo + Branding

The imagery that was decided upon for the direction of the logo was pointers and network connections. After many directions, colors and designs, the light blue and orange combination was chosen for its connection to Bitcoin. 
I created the custom image assets for the websites and print materials using clouds, sky and network connections.

The website

I designed the basic site layout on Photoshop and then built the website using Wordpress.
The site's aim is to get signups and teach people about the program.

conference booth

I was tasked with creating a booth for a conference in Europe. After meeting with Igloo, the booth company, we decided on a layout and I began the design.

Here are images of the flat design and the finished product.

Learn more about CryptoTraffic by visiting their website:

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